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30 january 2019, Wednesday
В Туркестанской области Казахстана ввели в оборот свыше 1 тыс га орошаемых земель
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22 january 2019, thusday
Казахстан планирует увеличить экспорт сельхозпродукции в 2,5 раза
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About company

"AsiaAgroFood" JSC is located at: Almaty region, Karasay district, Shamalgan st., Suynbay str.,

1.Chairman of the Management Board – Ashenov Sayan Baimuratuly.

"AsiaAgroFood" JSC includes a flour mill equipped with modern equipment manufactured by "Buhler" (Switzerland), a starch-and-mill factory with imported equipment, baking department, marshmallow production area.
The total area of "AsiaAgroFood" JSC is 21.64 hectares.

In 1999, the equipment of the leading machine-building company of the world “Buhler” (Switzerland) for the production of flour of different varieties, with a capacity of 250 tons of wheat grain processing was installed on the territory of the former Shamalgansky Bread Products Plant of "Nan-Onimderi" LLP (the legal successor of which is "AsiaAgroFood" JSC) per day.

In 2007, the productivity of the flour mill was increased by 150 tons / day due to the additional installation of the equipment of the same company.
Currently, the flour mill daily processes 400 tons of wheat, imported from the Northern regions of Kazakhstan, as well as grown in Almaty and Zhambyl regions, from which high-grade, first-grade, second-grade flour "Kazakhstanskaya", wheat bran, granulated wheat bran and waste grain. Products of the flour mill are sold in the domestic market, as well as in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Products manufactured at the flour-grinding plant are 100% Kazakhstan's content.

In order to implement the republican program of import substitution and diversification of production in 2001, a project was developed and implemented for the construction of a plant for the deep processing of corn for starch and glucose syrups with a capacity of 100 tons of processing corn grain per day (50 tons of syrup production per day).
Until the commissioning of the starch-syrup complex in 2003, there were no enterprises in Kazakhstan for the production of confectionery syrup from maize grain, the need for which is quite large. The existing need for syrups for the confectionery industry of the republic was satisfied by importing products from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine and far abroad. The solution of this problem in providing the confectionery industry with domestic raw materials was decided by creating in the Republic its own industry for the production of confectionery syrup.
The main consumers of starch syrup are enterprises of the confectionery industry.

The plant has introduced the latest technologies for the production of starch, syrups and confectionery syrups, as well as the infrastructure of the complex - these are treatment facilities with a capacity of 800 m3 / day, a boiler room with a capacity of up to 36 tons of steam per hour, cooling tower - with a capacity of 600 m3, 3 wells, pumping. In general, the company created more than 500 jobs.

The finished product of the plant is starch syrup corresponding to GOST Р.52060-2003. In addition, the company can produce syrups with other quality indicators in accordance with the requirements of consumers.

Starch syrup is sold to such manufacturers of the confectionery industry as: "Bayan Sulu" JSC, "Rakhat" JSC, "Karaganda Candy" JSC, "Almaty Product" LLP, "Lion" LLP, "Inter Food Trade" LLP, "May" LLP, "Hamle” LLP and other confectioneries and shops.

The products manufactured by "AsiaAgroFood" JSC produced by the starch-combining plant are sold not only in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in the regions of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

In 2008, the reconstruction and modernization of the glucose plant was carried out with an increase in capacity of up to 200 tons of finished products per day, as well as a project for the reconstruction of a plant to produce maltose syrup at the implementation stage. The main consumers of maltose syrup are the enterprises of the brewing industry, and the need for this raw material is large enough.

At present, the production capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 200 tons of high-quality syrups per day and processing up to 70 thousand tons of corn per year. In addition to the main products, the complex produces up to 10 tons per day of feed for animals, the main consumers of which are livestock farms and poultry farms in Almaty region.
All products produced by both the flour mill and the starch mill and the baking department undergo strict laboratory control, starting from raw materials and auxiliary materials, monitoring compliance with the requirements of the technological process, including storage, up to the sale of the finished product. The company has two independent production and technical laboratories that have passed the certification procedure and have certificates of compliance for measuring instruments.

In 2006, the company implemented and operates ISO 9001; in 2009, the company successfully passed a recertification check and confirmed the certificate of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

For active participation in the exhibition-contest "The Best Product of Kazakhstan" - 2010 in Astana the company was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.