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30 january 2019, Wednesday
В Туркестанской области Казахстана ввели в оборот свыше 1 тыс га орошаемых земель
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22 january 2019, thusday
Казахстан планирует увеличить экспорт сельхозпродукции в 2,5 раза
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Corn gluten

Corn gluten

DRY CORN GLUTEN - it is light yellow to dark gray free-flowing powder with a specific pleasant odor, stable during storage. Corn gluten contains about 60% of a crude protein. Corn gluten protein contains a large amount of essential amino acids and is the best source of methionine, beta-carotene (provitamin A), xanthophil, threonine, tryptophan, calcium, phosphorus and sodium, and also contains a rich complex of fat-and water-soluble vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6.

Calorie content of corn gluten is in second place after animal and vegetable fats. The energy of 1 kg of gluten is equivalent to 7 kg of corn, and the protein - 1 kg of fish meal. Compared with soybean meal, corn gluten contains 36% more metabolic energy, 28% more protein and 4 times more linoleic acid..

The undeniable advantage of corn gluten for egg and poultry producers is the high concentration of carotenoids and the natural xanthophyll pigment. Even a slight input of this pigment into the recipe allows to achieve a rich yellow color of egg yolk or gives a bright yellow, golden yellow color to the skin of the carcass, significantly increases the content of carotenoids in the products. The use of dry corn gluten as a high protein, vitamin and energy additive in the diet of animals and in the production of animal feed, provides a high and stable productivity of animals, reduces the deficiency of protein feed.
In world practice, DRY CORN GLUTEN is used:

  • as a valuable component of corn feed;
  • as a protein supplement in the diet of farm animals and poultry;
  • as a protein-vitamin supplement and premix filler;
  • while production of compound feeds.