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30 january 2019, Wednesday
В Туркестанской области Казахстана ввели в оборот свыше 1 тыс га орошаемых земель
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22 january 2019, thusday
Казахстан планирует увеличить экспорт сельхозпродукции в 2,5 раза
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Starch fermentative syrups

Starch fermentative syrups

SYRUP is a natural sweetener with a pronounced economic effect; it is a universal improver of organoleptic characteristics and properties of products produced with its addition. It is a clear, viscous, sweet-tasting liquid. It consists of a mixture of glucose, maltose and higher saccharides and has a large number of varieties depending on the combination of these carbohydrates.

Syrups are used in the production of a wide range of food products - confectionery, beer and soft drinks, canned fruits and berries, sauces and ketchups, etc.

Types and properties of syrups

  • Low-conversion glucose syrup (DE 26-35) has high viscosity properties.
  • Confectionery syrup (DE 36-44) with the widest range of applications, with a balanced composition of sugars
  • High-maltose syrup (DE > 38) diet product with a high content of maltose
  • High-conversion glucose syrup (DE > 45) syrup with a high content of sugars